Zimmer by the hour Who is this suitable?

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Couples who are looking to celebrate an event such as a wedding proposal, a birthday and do not need many hours. In order to hold the event far from the noise surrounding them and the desire for a romantic and magical moment of the couple they can book a B & B for several hours during the day or evening.


In recent years a marriage proposal has become a big project with serious production. Every man wants to offer his girlfriend the most original and beautiful marriage. One invites a helicopter, the other hires a yacht and then does so in the middle of a multi-participant event. Each according to his loves.

There are men who want to do this in a romantic framework he and his girlfriend and renting a bungalow for several hours can be one of the solutions.

The man invites a romantic meal, a good wine, flowers and dessert, and during the meal he offers a marriage to his girlfriend. At the end of the evening they return home.

Booking a B & B for several hours for work purposes

Sometimes there are professionals who host colleagues from abroad for business purposes, there are too many people in the office and the traffic is great, at home there are family members who need to continue their lives, so choosing a bungalow for a few hours is a solution for a few hours’ Food and food.The quiet and the clean air enable a working meeting without interruption.

Zimmer for strengthening the relationship

Both men and women work throughout the week hours away from home to support the children and the family. At the end of the work, they must take care of all the children’s needs and have no time or energy to devote to their relationship. In all the vacations that came out, the children and the possibility of renting a bungalow for a few hours could be a way to strengthen their marital ties. Only they and no children, other family members and neighbors friends.

B vacation rentals in Israel

B vacation rentals in Israel publishes information about B & B vacation rentals that rent rooms according to hours. Every day the information is updated and anyone looking to leave for a few hours of disengagement from the turbulent day-to-day life can examine the Zimmer that suits him both in terms of distance and economically

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