Rooms per hour for whom?

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צימרים בישראל-צימרים לפי שעה-חדרים לפי שעה

Hotels with a relatively small number of rooms before closing and looking for new ways to make a living found that there are quite a few businessmen who choose to go out and hold business meetings outside their offices. Businessmen determine with the hotel owners the time, the approximate time they will need the room, With refreshments or without, and several people will attend the meeting. Cost is determined according to the agreement between the parties. At the end of the meeting everyone goes his own way.

Who else rents a room for the hour?

  • Renting a room for an event like a birthday, a romantic meal, a marriage proposal and a wedding anniversary is a very acceptable way. Not everyone wants to celebrate in a restaurant with many diners around it. In a coffee shop, the exchange between people is great.
  • For some purposes they look for romantic, personal ways. Many men prefer to be alone with their girlfriends to offer them a marriage, while others prefer to do so in public.
  • A wedding anniversary is the holiday of the couple they wish to commemorate the event among them without an audience. Couples make a surprise party to each other. They want to be together and alone and not with the whole family, the children and the friends.
  • The owners of the rooms commit themselves to all those who rent them a room to maintain discretion and not to transmit information about men and women who come to a number of hours to pass an intimate and romantic time even though they are not legally legal partners.

Where to book a room by hours?

Most of the hotels, old and new, are probably built in cities along the seashore. In almost every city there are hotels that rent rooms by the hour. You only need to search and check the various sites and get all the information required.

You can also rent a B & B for several hours, taking into account the distance to the north and south. In the center there are also kibbutzim and moshavim.

B vacation rentals in Israel

The B & B vacation rentals in Israel advertise in which hotels and in which cities and in which B & B’s can be rented rooms by the hour and for what purposes. Some rooms can be booked for a few hours for a casual event and rooms for events are known in advance. The publication contains details about the rooms, a picture of the place and the cost of rental time.

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