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Looking for an attraction that is also an amazing romantic experience? Horse Tours in the Golan Ramot Farm in Moshav Ramot invites you to an amazing horse experience, taking advantage of its unique location in front of breathtaking scenery. 
Ramot Ranch is suitable for couples, families, bachelorette parties and singles, for bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah guests, for marriage offers and for a pampering and challenging trip on the ground. 
The tours take between an hour and a few days, can combine a romantic meal or wine, or a rural picnic in nature. 
On the cycling paths you will find paths, open spaces, magnificent views, mountains, historical and archeological sites, along with wildlife, green vegetation and the Golan landscapes. 
The tracks are suitable for children over the age of 11, and for riders weighing up to 100 kilos. 
The little ones have a special riding farm in the compound. 
Beginner riders will receive a suitable route and will ride on a suitable horse.
You can book a romantic couple trip in the sunset, where you ride horses on the mountains above the Sea of ​​Galilee and in front of the view.

The ranch staff can arrange for you to take the appropriate route according to the level of riding, the number of riders, the number of breaks in the area and their location, combining food in the course, and combining professional and general explanations about the places you will pass. 
On the Ramot Farm site you will find a beautiful place for coffee, a seating area, and the possibility to buy ice cream, cold and hot drinks. 
You can pay by cash or credit card.

Additional activities: training and communication workshops with horses, a horse training demonstration, riding lessons, and training courses for riding instructors at the Wingate Academic College. 
This is the time for an amazing horse experience with high level farms.

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