Sea wind in Michmoret

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Enchanting sunsets, a pleasant breeze from the sea and a wild nature that stretches in the space, all these and more await in front of the rustic wooden balcony in the seaside guest cabins in Michmoret. This is a hospitality complex that includes two spacious, carefully designed wooden houses that suit the atmosphere and location. The bed and breakfasts are suitable for a perfect, relaxing and relaxing vacation for couples or families.

luxurious double bedded with quality cotton bedding and a variety of pillows that surround the bed, a Jacuzzi in the sea cabin, a fully equipped kitchenette including a stove, mini fridge, microwave, toaster and utensils Food is made of ceramics from Janet’s handcrafts. Unique decorative items are scattered everywhere and create an atmosphere of warmth and freedom. In the courtyard there are cheap beds, hammocks and a barbecue area at your disposal.

outdoor area in the courtyard of the guest rooms complex, magical seating areas and a hot outdoor shower suitable for moments of return from the beach.

Refreshments and refreshments from our organic farm
Janet hosts the beach in Michmoret and provides guests with a variety of surprises, including the organic products of the family, such as: organic vegetables, eggs, jam, honey, milk, butter and herbs. House or other pastry.

You can order
close to the guesthouses is a home boutique winery in a sea atmosphere. Daniel is responsible for the production of the wine, which continues the family tradition, and like his grandfathers, who prepared wines in Switzerland, prepares delicious and high quality wines. The wines are made from unique and surprising varieties of grapes grown in an organic vineyard.

The Kaderia – a ceramic studio located a short distance from the bed and breakfasts. Jeanette creates unique tools in various techniques that you can also purchase. On Sundays, the children of the vacationers are invited to participate in the regular class. Our vacationers have discounts between 10% and 20%.

Within walking distance from the sea, the
bed and breakfasts are located on the north side of Mikhmoret, adjacent to the Sharon Park and a short walk from Michmoret beach. You can choose the walking path to the sea through the “wild” trail leading to the coastal nature reserve “Gador” or a 7-minute walk on a paved road to Michmoret’s regulated beach.


  • name: Sea wind in Michmoret
  • phone: 052-912-3544
  • Type: Wooden cabins
  • Swimming pool: Yes
  • Status: for all
  • Location: Coast , Center-מרכז
  • Material: Mikhmoret
  • Rooms: 1
  • Beds: 1
  • Baths: 1
  • Number of units: 2


  • free wi fi
  • yes channels
  • water bar
  • cable television
  • grill
  • parking
  • hair dryer
  • Jacuzzi
  • toaster
  • toaster oven
  • television
  • gaz stove
  • electric stove
  • cooking utensils
  • serving dishes
  • towels
  • safe
  • dishwasher
  • air conditioning
  • shabbat kettle
  • microwave
  • espresso machine
  • barbecue
  • 32inch screen
  • 37inch screen
  • 47inch plasma TV
  • 50 inch plasma TV
  • 42inch plasma TV
  • LCD screen
  • home theatre
  • sheets
  • fridge
  • balcony
  • accessible for handicapped
  • coffee area
  • shabbat plate
  • electric kettle
  • garden furniture
  • romantic light
  • oven
  • House honors
  • Dry sauna
  • Two sinks

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